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    Nice one Hot Copper...As it stands this game has zero credibility. Why don't you amend the actual game rules instead of retroactively enforcing some unclear and unwritten law.

    Here they are as stated on this site:

    • The member with the most gains (*) during the month wins.
    • Stocks under 20c are not allowed, and volume rules are in place to stop trading in illiquid stocks.
    • Trading is only available on ASX stocks over 20c. Buys or sells placed after 10am will take the next close price, and buys and sells placed after 4.30pm will take the next open price.
    • Every member starts with AU$ 50,000 cash
    • There is a 30$ transaction fee on each Purchase/Sell
    • Stock prices are 20 minutes delayed
    • Splits and consolidations ARE NOT supported by the system, and trades on them to benefit the member will be purged at end of month checking.
    • Winner will be announced after a judging period of two weeks
    • The game will run monthly (portfolios/cash reset first day of the month)

    So which of the above rules was broken by trading GSW on Dec 1st?

    I clearly lapped the field last month and didn't break any of the rules. It takes a fair bit of time and effort to win this comp and I won't be bothered to do it again.
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