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    I must say that the content of this site has diminished considerably since its new facelift.

    It seems to be flooded with deluded ego maniacs with nothing better to do or any interesting offer other than there supposed trades of the day. Who really cares and of what value is it?

    It is completely irrelevant to this game and it has no value to anyone.

    I actually used to think that Hellraiser was a player but he/she is just another ineffective muppet stroking himself/herself. others as well.

    What we need is for game to become interesting again with all the ramping and way off predictions.

    Lets leave the "look how much money I made today out of it", because just like the ramping it could well be true or perhaps not, but at least the ramping is of some measurable value as opposed to lathering oneself up so to speak!!!!!!!

    thankyou and goodbye.

    P.S. MST is about to pop BIG TIME!!!

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