Yes i made a bucket last year. This year after some careful...

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    Yes i made a bucket last year.
    This year after some careful consideration, i dumped all my PLS bar 5000 shares, in a running reduction from $1.20 down to the last sale at $0.95. I felt like a genius, until i remembered whose 'owly' chart it was that got me into PLS in the first place. Not a bad run, in and out from .15 to .45, then all in at .37 for an amazing run up to near the top.

    Went on the 'Brains Trust' forum mid-last year. Some very very smart cookies there as well. I have stated in another forum that the last week's turmoil was well documented weeks before it occurred. The predictions weren't random and 'Nostradamic' either; calculated, logical and technical arguments that called the top, so some people do pick it it seems. On that note, i dropped a hell of a lot, over the last month, finishing early last week and was down to about 10% shares, the rest cash. Held some dry powder and now am about 30% shares and heavy or 'all-in' on only FMG and GOR.

    Happy to see you made the right call at the right time.

    As an aside, hope you pick some sh!t stocks in the tipping comp

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