thanks @srm777 - I haven't played the game since April last year...

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    thanks @srm777 - I haven't played the game since April last year - I have been playing the big index short and like the movie I was wondering if I could stay solvent enough to collect - anyway happy days I finally caught it last Friday ( referenced here ! ) so I thought i would have another crack at " the game "

    Zero doesnt like people using scans but that is how I used to trade with stocks - what he doesn't mention is that although the game uses 20 min delay you have to hold the stock all day before you can sell them - The ones I bought this morning may end today in the red. With real trading i can use the scans to jump in and then sell them straight away often several times a day.

    The game is the game and the rules are the same for everyone .

    I put a post on the PLS thread today that is worth having a read given the current market volatility.

    Hope you are making a $$$$ last year anyone could be a guru trader its going to be a lot tougher this year !
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