Thats the same wording as I got and I stopped playing but...

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    Thats the same wording as I got and I stopped playing but clearly you didnt take the hint - I have made suggestions in the past as to how I believe the game could be improved including limiting it to winning only once per year that you disagreed with - Its a game and its never going to be like real trading when morning buyers get 20 min delayed pricing -

    as you are fully aware you cant sell until after the close so the trick is picking stocks that can hold on to their gains many times stocks that were well up at 10.30 finish the day in the red - For whats its worth I dont appreciate the snide dig that my buys were "dodgy " there are numerous players on the leader board who bought at 10.32 and got the 10.11 price thats the way the comp operates nothing to do with buying stocks that are in or have just come out of trading halt which we know is not allowed

    When you won you asked me to organise you sig for you which I took time out of my day to do for you , now you have posted innuendo 2 days in a row about dodgy tips - please do not insult my intelligence by saying you didnt name me clearly I knew who the posts were directed to.

    So seeing you have a problem with it in the interest of fair play - I wont play again this year if you dont .- Deal ?
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