hotcopper famous for bagging

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    I see on hotcopper if your silly enough like myself to say you own a stock on this forum,people are so quick to get on and rubbish both the stock and you if it goes down......but the ones who critise have never had big losses or a loss for that matter,,they are just so perfect in everyway......two people that get critised i see that come to mind is GOBLIN and CRASHY.....CRASHY was even supposed to be bankrupted according to a person on hc because he called a stock wrong....please wake up to yourselves......atleast crashy makes his calls known.

    Put your big mouths on the line you who critise,tell us all when you buy and when you sell in future...otherwise don`t get on here critising one of my trades you gutless scumbags.PUT UP OR SHUT UP.
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