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    1. There will be no removal of codes as we would have to delete posts to do that.
    2. The database will monitored to ensure it is up to date on a regular basis. If a code is missing please request it on the feedback forum.
    3. There will be no options codes uploaded to the database as the turnover of options codes is too high and people can still post under the physical code.
    4. Share prices, charts and announcements on Hotcopper are possible pending costs. Enquires have been made with two information providers. It will come down to cost.
    5. A spell checker may put too much load on the server but we will make enquiries.
    6. Sender being able to delete posts is not an option due to ASIC requirements. It may be possible to amend a post provided it is within a short time frame.

    Improvements cost money - what people can do for Hotcopper.
    At present it costs in excess of $4,400 per month to run Hotcopper. Improvements will cost more. The only income we receive is from sponsored emails to the database. Given that, we ask that all members opt in for the subscriber emails or alternatively keep their email current. We have no plans to float or make a profit from this site. If this is to be a non profit community it would be very disappointing to have members using the free service and opting out of emails. If you have opted out of emails simply email [email protected] and we can opt you back in.

    We would ask that members place the following in their signature:

    Do your bit for Hotcopper and opt in on emails.

    In the last few months we have put in place a process to vet advertisers. The last two advertisers were RIV at 20c listing price now 32c and MBN listing price 20c now 25c. Three advertisers have been rejected.

    If you do wish to help Hotcopper with its costs a facility will be uploaded soon to allow people to donate to Hotcopper via Paypal. Alternatively you may wish to contact a company that is in need of promotion and recommend that they contact Hotcopper about advertising.

    To avoid spam we have taken advantage of the spam blocking of Yahoo so we can now be contacted at [email protected]

    We may be able to add some additional features to people that subscribe at a low of $50 per month. We are also looking at adult styled advertising on the site if all else fails.

    Hotcopper Admin
    [email protected]
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