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    Grange Resources Ltd (GRR), Hans-Rudolf Moser (Non-Executive Director - website bio follows) shares changed in March/April 2003 (3,000,000 indirect ANZ Nominees as Trustee, plus 560,450 direct = 3,560,450 = over 5% voting power). ANZ Nominees held 45.79% interest in Sept 2002 prior to this change. See Top 20 shareholders list on website (not updated) and via ASX notices.

    Company shareholders have agreed to another share buy-back commencing Aug 2003. Found Grange after researching Intec Ltd's (INL) website. Intec's patented copper and gold processes have application across mining organisations and I feel this one may surprise some time after their 3 for 5 share offer. .


    Mining Industry: Company has developed patented and proven hydrometallurgical process for copper and adapted the process to suit various other minerals. Process results in cheaper production costs and is more environmentally sound. Process now extending to gold. Intec have been performing paid consulting work for mining industry. I believe initial prospectus was released around 50 cents per share. It is presently trading at approx 6 cents per share with far better prospects than at the time of the original prospectus. They have some interesting, real opportunities and its worth researching their website (eg notices, news, change of Director's interest). Ivanhoe Mines is a major shareholder. (NB Keep eye on Ivanhoe as well.) Intec will soon offer 3 shares for every 5 already held (will be 3 cents each), with a subsidiary of Ivanhoe underwriting the offer. No dividends to-date as they have been in extensive development phase in a depressed market which appears to be turning. I believe the gain will not be overnight but will be significant as this process is patented, more cost-effective and environmentally superior to traditional methods, and has world-wide potential. Best to pick these up while you still can. Director buying.


    Mining and renewable energy. Check the website @ for ASX articles, financial reports, and news items. Also check shareholders.


    Kaz Group has developed a technology for cheque processing in a joint venture (Enhanced Processing Technologies) with ANZ Bank. The technology will have relevance for other banks. (This stock has had some interesting movement of late...) Worthwhile checking their website at Paying dividends. You won't believe the P/E ratio! Director buying.


    Cellnet Group signed an agreement with Nokia earlier this year. They've also recently acquired a private IT company. Qld Invest Corp became a substantial shareholder in June.


    Let's not forget that with increased access through the internet, cheaper brokerage fees and increase in number of traders, Computershare's operations on behalf of their clients will also increase = additional revenue/profit.

    Website Bios:

    Mr Hans Rudolf Moser is a resident of Switzerland with 20 years experience in the Swiss banking industry. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Basel in Switzerland and is a Director of a number of Australian publicly listed companies in the resource and technology sector. Mr Moser manages a large European investment fund and has been an active investor in Australian companies for many years.
    Mr Adam Rankine-Wilson is Managing Director of Grange Resources Limited. For the past 15 years he has also been a director / managing director of various private and public companies. His experience in finance and investment is significant and is relevant across numerous commercial sectors.
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