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hostile takeover about to come into play

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    rrr wants direct contact with mdx share holders,read between the lines guys,this is going to be played out very soon,once they have bought as many shares as possible on market,they will then contact shareholders,you saw the games yesterday

    Red Rock (as it is entitled to do) has formally requested a copy of the Mindax share
    register and a copy has been supplied in accordance with the requirements of the
    Corporations Act. It may be the case that at some time in the future Mindax
    shareholders may receive direct communication from Red Rock though obviously we
    at Mindax have no way of knowing whether they will or they won’t. Furthermore, if
    there is to be any communication, your Mindax directors cannot predict what the
    nature of that communication might be.
    Whatever such communication (if any) might be, I am enclosing a copy of the Mt
    Forrest project summary paper recently prepared by the Company and released to
    the market on 8 February 2008 so that you may be better able to put in context any
    communication you might receive (if any).
    Mt Forrest Iron Ore Project
    I strongly recommend that you read the Mt Forrest project summary paper so that
    you can develop your own sense of the true value of a Mindax share and in particular
    the potential contribution to value that the Mt Forrest Iron Ore Project might generate.
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