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    Heres your horrible joke of the day, Enjoy! :
    A group was touring London, marveling at the historic buildings, art collections, and such. The group included people from many countries. During the tour of the Tower of London, a man from Prague and another man from Athens struck up a conversation about some point in history.
    A small disagreement ensued, which rapidly became a large one. They decided to settle the matter then and there using the historical accouterments at hand. Donning armor and chain mail, they prepared for a battle to the death. This attracted the attention of the rest of the tour group, who crowded around for a better look. Inasmuch as the combatants were in period dress, the people couldn't tell one from another.
    "Is that the Czech wearing the armor?" asked one tourist. "No," replied another, "The Greek is in the armor. The Czech is in the mail."

    Here's your horrible 2nd joke of the day:

    I got a new car radio yesterday. It has voice recognition. You shout "soul" and it plays a soul station. You shout "rock" and it finds rock and roll for you. You shout "country" and it finds country music.
    I was enjoying this new technology when some children ran in front of my car, causing me to swerve at the last second. I yelled out: "F&**king kids!"
    And my radio started playing Michael Jackson songs

    Here's your horrible 3rd joke of the day:

    "Send someone over quickly!" the old woman screamed into the phone. "Two naked men are climbing towards my bedroom window!"
    "This is the Fire Department, lady," the voice replied. "I'll have to transfer you to the Police Department."
    "No, it's YOU I want!" she yelled. "They need a longer ladder!"

    Dave R.
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