HOR 0.00% 1.2¢ horseshoe metals limited

hor vs ava

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    Market Cap:

    AVA 34 Million
    HOR 32 Million


    Project comprises that cover an area of approximately 2500.km2 plus mining area VMS style deposit spec
    recents drill result

    1.6m at 5.7% Cu, 10.7% Zn, 0.6g/t Au and 68.0g/t Ag from 67.0m (ASBDD001)
    o 2.2m at 1.5% Cu, 18.9% Zn, 0.2g/t Au and 16.3g/t Ag from 79.6m (ASBDD002)
    o 6.2m at 2.7% Cu, 9.3% Zn, 0.3g/t Au and 29.6g/t Ag from 95.6m (ASBDD003) ,


    JORC of 895 Million Ton Neighbours CIC energy
    with 2.5 Billion got sold for 420 Million

    Western Australia

    Power plant project chinese mining interested in buying the project out right a price of more then the market cap could be expected from the sale that is around 30 million plus



    Horseshoe Lights Project

    The Horseshoe Lights Project comprises sixteen tenements that cover an area of approximately 79.98km2

    Best drilling intersections include:
    o RC1025 - 15m @ 5.1% Cu (161m) including 3m @ 11.8 % Cu (164m)
    o RC1014 - 14m @ 3.7% Cu (128m) including 3m @ 9.8% Cu (133m)
    with a peak intersection of 1m @ 17.1% Cu (134m);
    o RC1019 - 36m @ 1.9% Cu (9m) including 12m @ 4.0% Cu (12m);
    o RC1018 - 18m @ 1.1% Cu (51m) including 3m @ 3.2% Cu (57m) and
    30m @ 0.4% Cu (90m).
    o RC1021 - 10m @ 1.8% Cu (159m) including 6m @ 2.4% Cu (163m).

    Kumarina Project

    The Kumarina Project comprises two tenements covering an area of approximately 217.1km2

    Both these r spec however i reckon one is driven by sheep mentality so guys just be careful
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