HOR 0.00% 1.2¢ horseshoe metals limited

hor - the second sfr

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    be aware, that a production is profitable at grades >0.5% Cu. But each hole is much higher as 0,5 % Cu. With HOR we have a potential producer in our depot. In other words, we could have a second "SFR". With the last drillresults, HOR is also full of takeover risk. Take a look to SFR:

    i will hold HOR for a long, long time.

    By the way: The same german analyst, who recommended HOR four month ago, recommended EAR on friday. He said, EAR is in the same starting position like HOR! The analyst, called "dergoldreport.de", is imho very serious and almost all of his recommendations were very successful (e.g. YTC, MOY, and last but not least HOR)
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