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hopeing for more of a sell off

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    Dissapointing reactions in this share price lately. I sold some months ago as all i could see was a slow downtrend until the 24 week results. Everybody whos researched this company nows there on a winner and the MC is at a huge disscount to what it will eventually be worth, even at a very low PE. But i am lost as to when this company will be revalued. Does any one have some iron clad experience with medicals and what is needed to revalue the share price or is it just random. I have no doubts in the product - its proved it works, its needed, and i see limited downside in the product - but i have some wariness about the share price actions. I bought in again at 67 cents a week ago, and in a way want it to go lower so i can get some more. But i am not sure the share price will do anything for months to come and i am not a patient fisherman. Any thoughts/predictions as to re ratings of the shares etc
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