hope for our dear friend rene yet

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    Noticed a lot of concerned members on Hotcopper being most distressed about Rene's incarceration last weekend
    Some hope in site and possible good news for all the worried fans of René


    A medical certificate could keep convicted insider trader R Rivkin out of jail this weekend, the Dep. of Corrective Serv said.

    Rivkin began nine months of weekend detention at the Silverwater C.C. on Sat but early on Sun morning was rushed to Auburn hospital after collapsing in his cell during a police search.

    A spokeswoman for NSW Health said on Monday that Rivkin's condition was "OK" whilst in hospital.

    However, it was reported on Tues that the 59-year-old checked into The Sydney Clinic, a private Eastern Suburbs psych hospital, after leaving hospital and will remain there for a 2 of days of treatment.

    A Department of Corrective Services spokesman said on Tuesday that a medical certificate could keep Rivkin out of jail.

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