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hope all igr believers are smiling.., page-48

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    judging by the buying today your right any slight drop will be bought,,however if buying stays the way it had the last 2 days then it will be a straight run to 50,,from there we will see what happens,,l am thinking that alot of people booked in profits around the 40 to 43 mark expecting it to drop back to 36,,if they want to get back in they will have to chase it up,,theres to much going on to be selling now and if you where wise to buy at its low then maybe some people ar topping up,,l watched a fair bit today and 44.5 got taken when on offer,,,for me as l missed the major action l would like it to come back to 38 but l reckon l am dreaming espicially with gold prices going up,,these are all my thoughts
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