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holding the sp down?

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    grand day where 2 million plus shares trade at 1.7c and the buying price is 1.8c. Then at the closing auction 2 bids at 1.6c for $79 and $34 worth but looks like they missed outand had to settle at 1.7c lol. I wonder what tomorrow brings as at the moment buying is at 1.6c and selling at 1.8c. Things appear to brewing in anticipation of an announcement. If it's good ......? I wonder how far it will run given the potential in house cash flow of ATC / previous highs / dilution from addittional share placements etc etc etc. I am going to hold Dr Coates to his words to me ... "AVX wouldn't have gone down this path if the company didn't think it was a goer". We await. GLTA
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