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    I've been watching AVB posts on Hotcopper with interest for 2-3 months now. Thanks very much for all your input. The only downside is some of the personal digs that are unnecessary. I'm happy to read posts that are balanced or biased in either direction as in the end I make up my own mind.

    Having been in the market for about 30 years, I rarely put all my money (not my house) on one stock, but at present that is where I find myself with AVB and I'm happy to watch this unfold for about two years in the first instance. The hard part is watching other opportunities come and go. But I think the wait might be worthwhile.

    Probably the best I have seen increases in the past was when I held one well managed stock and it went to 68 times what I bought it for. I think it could have gone even further but it was taken over eventually at about 23 times what I bought it for soon after a market crash. So I'm not looking for AVB to be taken over. I would rather sit it out and see what the current management can make of it.

    The worst I have done in the past was buy a stock that turned out to be controlled by fraudsters. I did my dough entirely on that one.

    Just my thoughts but make up your own mind and as they say, do your own research.
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