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    30% of a nickel mine would completely recapitalise this Company not to mention the enormous gold potential over their huge, proven, Kalgoorlie land, Bardoc.
    Don't listen to the negative, sniping, doomsdayers!
    The market is ready for a new hero and I reckon this will be the Company to take the honours!!!
    Where's meerkat when there's negative talk around here???
    Hold on ! They want the options exercised at 3c so the shares will run to at least 5-6c. If they actually have a significant find with the drilling now underway(from 2 days ago) with prospects of further anomolies from ems during Jan and their next drilling round(Feb) the shares could go ballistic eg RRL. I would urge investors not to only treat this as a day trading opportunity. If they want full value, hang on for a few months or so and even then only contemplate selling half, because if they follow Scotia's nickel footwall success, the sky is the limit.
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