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Dont be worried about daily price action,it is being...

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    Dont be worried about daily price action,it is being manipulated.. This is the real deal.

    20 years of experience and always follow the money,Money has poured through this stock and has had massive exposure.. why?

    Because it has found something really significant and i have ignored the "doctor" who by the way is buying it!

    Just be patient and dont worry because this stock has brought the worst of the worst out and showed why HC is terrible for us as investors..

    It moderates everything you say and is a tool for the big banks and money players with their quant computers and unlimited funds to play the market..

    ASX is rigged, centre point trading shouldnt be allowed and either should shorting,it destroys the organic flow of what a company is achieving and just keeps scalping our money..

    The little guy will always lose if you follow TA it is the system and parameters used by everybody,do you really think that couldnt be manipulated and read by the AI computer programs that the big banks and brokers who we use to make our transactions by the way...

    Time to get real and stop wasting time arguing all this crap,just read the company reports and DYOR..
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