XJO 1.63% 5,755.7 s&p/asx 200

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    Mate, from a Elliot wave perspective your analysis is probably right. However 5 waves down generally means the end of the trend before a counter trend developes, obviously it then depends on your bias wether you think its a counter trend or a new trend - with the amount of data in that chart thats the best you can do from EW.

    Of course what happens in the market is another thing.

    The point I was making however is that not enough time has ellapsed for anything to major to come of it from the data provided.

    Think of it like a dam, you build a dam give it 2 months to fill and then burst the wall and their aint going to be much water there to do damage.

    However let that dam fill for 5 years (like the 2002-2007 bull run we had) and then blow the wall - it will destroy everything in its path.
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