Hockey breaches Charter of Budget Honesty

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    Hockey breaches Charter of Budget Honesty

    Treasurer Joe Hockey has breached the Charter of Budget Honesty by failing to publish the latest Intergenerational Report on time.
    In a further sign the government is distracted by internal chaos, the Treasurer has not met the timeframe to publish the report within five years of the last one, despite a legislated requirement to do so.
    The Charter of Budget Honesty Act 1998 requires that Intergenerational Reports be publicly released and tabled within five years of the preceding report, and the last report was released by Treasurer Wayne Swan on February 1 2010, and tabled in both houses of parliament on February 3 2010.
    The deadline to publish the most recent report passed on Tuesday this week.
    The missed deadline comes as Prime Minister Tony Abbott continues to stare down a backbench revolt over his leadership, and as the Treasurer received a tongue-lashing this week from his state colleague and Liberal WA Premier Colin Barnett, who partly blamed him for Mr Abbott's poor ratings as leader.
    "I don't think the Treasurer's done a great job and that last budget was flawed and therefore the leader ends up wearing it," Mr Barnett told Perth radio 96fm on Tuesday.

    Sloppy by name,sloppy by nature.

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