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    I started this thread as the posts in the Political threads are off topic.

    The pink fruits are pistachios and when we had a dry year the nuts were good. It is however an ornamental tree as it has attractive autumn foliage and developing nuts are similar to miniature mangoes.

    When the skin is crushed it has a distinctive mango smell, but a dry climate is needed for fruits to ripen without fungal diseases.

    Your Mangosteens are a nice fruit, but I loved the custard apples and mangos more.

    Not sure what your red fruits are and the tree looks nice but too far away of for me to make out its name.

    The first photo I posted is the pomegranate and its become a popular fruit for juicing. This is a soft-seeded variety that can be crunched when eating. Iy also makes an attractive shrub in the garden.

    is a named date palm variety called Bahee.
    It was grown from tissue cultured stock in the USA then sent to SA and grown on in SA for 2 years before planting.

    As a result plants were expensive--around $200 each.

    This is about 4 years old in the pic and it would have produced dates in a couple more years--but it needs a lot of water---unlike the idea that its a desert plant!

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