"Hoarding Cash" ..... Martin Armstrong, page-2

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    whilst interesting - it's really old news

    to me - for Ozzies --------------- the moves on cash are alarming - or at least, 'be alert, not alarmed'

    but, what's bloody terrifying really is the even remote possibility of bail in laws

    I, for one do not trust governments ------------ to me - it is not inconceivable or alarmist to think that some almost immediate disaster could bring our government ---------- especially if it's a government that has House of reps and Senate -- to make a panic decision to force through some law in the middle of the night or similar

    once done - it would open the door wide to basically - just a totally different picture that anyone has experienced in Oz


    governments do make knee jerk decisions -------------- and, in many cases - rightfully so - but, when you get the wrong government at the wrong time - well ------------- ?

    it might not be very pretty at all
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