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ho hum - more gold

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    TAA reported further strong gold assay results this morning.

    This comes on top of the pleasing drill results last week and news of the breakthrough tantalum extraction process that may lower production costs by as much as 30%. The company is optimistic that this licensed technology may also work with nickel and is investigating this possibility.

    All in all a great week for a small cap resource stock but - apart from a bubble that rapidly subsided on the initial announcement earlier in the week - as yet little reaction in the share price. It'll be interesting to see what today and tomorrow bring.

    I've been in and out of this stock a bit but I'm considering sitting on it for a while unless it bolts irresistably upwards. Anyone else following this stock's prospects? I've also been wondering whether (down the track) licensing the new technology to other producers for a nice royalty could be feasible. There must be a lot of exploration companies sitting on ore bodies not quite viable at current production costs. Any opinions out there?

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