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hnc/har - australian web site.

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    Here is a link to the HNC/HAR Australian Web Site:

    And here is a blurb from that web site:

    HNC (Australia) Resources Holding Pty Limited was established on 27 March 2007, with the headquarters in Sydney and branch in Darwin.

    The company has two subsidiaries, namely HNC (Australia) Resources Pty Ltd (HAR) and HNC (Australia) Scheelite Pty Ltd (HAS).

    Currently, HNC (Australia) Resources Pty Ltd (HAR) is working with a listed Australian company, Compass Resources Limited (CMR), to explore and develop nonferrous metals such as copper, lead, cobalt, and nickel in Northern Territory. This project has been listed by the Australian Federal Government as a key project in the nation's foreign cooperation.

    As a shareholder feel free to drop them a line and let them know how you think the JV partnership has gone so far regarding this "key project in the nation's foreign cooperation" and how you feel as a shareholder at this particular point in time...

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