ECU 3.85% 25.0¢ eastern corporation limited


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    Strong run from 4.3c, im no chartist but if im not mistaken the last 5 trading days' his and los formed a, what you would could a flag (?). IF (BIG IF) the price closes above 5c, that would be a billish signal right?

    Also while im at it, you chartists would call the pattern between 20 feb 02 and 9 apr 03 a cup and handle or something like that...???????????

    Maybe i should get one of my nephews to look at it, and come up with a name for it ;-)

    Im my opinion, the chart is confirming the fact that there is good news expected out soon. We all know, as indicated in previous announcement, about the impending news this month so shouldn't be a surprise...

    Personally, I doubt it will hold 5c, but im an speculative investor, so always look at these 'bursts' with suspicion.

    If i was a trader though, id be taking a position if the price LOOKED like closing above 5c.


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