hmmm ... who is the bo2 sniffer?

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    Hmmm ... anyone cruising the net today without a firewall/av program is looking for trouble ... yet we often hear reports from those who have been virus attacked or hacked.

    We play a game with one 'rabbit' who wacks our firewall every day with BO2 ... our firewall log of the IP address identifies the hacker as a dial-up Telstra subscriber.

    He wacks our firewall and I bang the link to Telstra abuse with the firewall log and Telstra disconnect him. Ten minutes later 'rabbit' hits our firewall again with a different IP address and I bang Telstra again and so it goes. I find this amusing and love sticking it up Telstra.

    This has been going on for three months ... lol

    The point is, ok Telstra will disconnect where evidence of malicious activity is proven but they won't go the extra and CANCEL THE ACCOUNT or TAKE LEGAL ACTION.

    Hackers know this !!!

    Will ISP's such as Telstra act positively to counter malicious activity ... A BIG NOOOOOOO !!!

    So 'rabbit' just plays his little game ... obviously getting a 'payback' by being able to access IP's without firewall protection ... BO2 is not new and has been around in various incarnations for over 8 years.

    Lesson: Ensure you have the latest firewall/av software you can get. To that add Spybot/Ad-aware. Further protection for XP is to not logon as Administrator to protect your OS from attack.

    I suppose it would be possible for 'rabbit' to have access to confidential lists of online users of various kinds.

    Interesting that the family used the computer while we were away on holiday interstate recently ... and guess what ??? firewall log shows no hacker activity while we were away. I might think about that some more.

    Cheers ... tight stops.

    This is only my view ... read the red stuff.
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