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hmm the slto debacle

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    Pillman, you know my stance with the oppies. If you happen to believe the big picture, below is a summary of how the oppies will fare.

    Now that is conditioned upon what value you put on the SLT's, but I have high expectations when its time to rock and roll.

    Im not just stating $5 for any cause. If the Hep A,E and C are all as good as I think, I think we can reach this mark and possibly beyond. It is all a matter of time I guess.

    I dont hold any SLT and SLTOA, but did and sold out along the way to get set for the better leverage play in the SLTO's.

    below I did just because I was bored, but it will give an understanding on what I am on about

    Good luck


    SLT - 80c
    SLTO - 25c

    SLT - $1 - up 25%
    SLTO - 35c - up 40%

    SLT - $2 -up 250%
    SLTO - $1.20 -up 500%

    SLT - $3 -up 370%
    SLTO - $2.20 -up 900%

    SLT - $4 -up 500%
    SLTO - $3.20 -up 1280%

    SLT - $5 -up 625%
    SLTO - $4.20 -up 1680%

    Its late for me, so I hope the % numbers aren't too far out....

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