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    Melbourne - 6 July 2004
    GoConnect Australia Pty Ltd (GoConnect), a wholly owned subsidiary of
    the Australian listed GoConnect Ltd (GCN) has entered into a technology
    licensing agreement with Mobile Distribution Sdn Bhd (Mobile
    Distribution), the Malaysian distributor of Motorola mobile phone products.
    The license agreement will entail Mobile Distribution bundling GoConnect’s
    m-Vision technology onto its Motorola Smartphones. This means that
    buyers of the Motorola Smartphones will have access to an array of local
    and international broadcast quality media content and video services.
    The m-Vision application will be preloaded onto a 128 mb storage card
    supplied free with the Motorola Smartphone making it a plug-and-play
    Says Eric Chong, Area Director, Motorola PCS Malaysia and Brunei:
    “Motorola is currently undergoing trials on m-Vision video applications with
    the MPx200 Smartphone and will do the same for all future Microsoft OS
    smartphone models.
    “We expect to launch this very exciting m-Vision application to our
    consumers shortly.”
    Says Anthony Voglis, senior general manager GoConnect: “The support
    from major players such as Motorola and Mobile Distribution will accelerate
    the adoption of m-Vision.
    “It is a significant deal in that it marks the further emergence of the mobile
    media industry. With support from major mobile phone vendors such as
    Motorola, the mobile media industry is bound to develop even more
    Voglis also pointed out that GoConnect has been in talks with major mobile
    device vendors such as Motorola and some of the large media organizations
    around the world and it would be making further announcements in this
    Media enquiries
    GoConnect: Anthony Voglis, call: +61 3 9993 7000 or
    email:[email protected]
    Motorola Malaysia: Eric Chong call: +6012 268 9898 or
    Email: [email protected]
    More about m-Vision
    Powered by its unique and patented GoTrek technology, GoConnect
    pioneered m-Vision, a video subscription service that delivers broadcast
    quality audio and video to Windows Mobile devices such as Pocket PCs,
    Pocket PC phones, and Smartphones. The m-Vision service has been live
    since July 2003 and is network independent. The software is also
    downloadable for free off the Internet.
    About GoConnect
    Based in Melbourne, Australia, GoConnect Ltd is an online media and
    communications company listed on the Australian (ASX Code: GCN) and
    German (German Code: GCK) stock exchanges. GoConnect prides itself on
    its ability to deliver high quality interactive audio/video content via the
    Internet regardless of the connection speed of the user, broadband or
    narrowband, wired or wireless, with the use of its patented GoTrek
    technology for online downloads and its m-Vision technology for Microsoft
    enabled Smartphones. Both these technologies enable the delivery of
    broadcast-quality video to PCs, laptops and Windows Mobile devices. For
    further information on GoTrek, visit www.gotrek.com.au and for m-Vision
    visit www.m-vision.tv.
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