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    The man who harnessed nationalism to commit outrage

    Michael Schechler

    I'm a Jew and I'm here to tell you about the worst and only Jewish Conspiracy in the history of the world. Yitzhak Rabin now sits atop the poll for Time's Person of the Century, three spots ahead of the true person of the century, Adolf Hitler. All this is thanks to e-mail forwards, synagogue announcements and whatever other means of dissemination that have been utilized to encourage people to vote for Rabin on Time's Web site.

    Before I get the typical, ludicrous, "Hitler was the evilest man to ever grace God's good earth and no way in hell should he be Person of the Century" response, here is the qualification: "Time's Person of the Century is that person who, for better or worse, most influenced the course of history over the past 100 years."

    Undoubtedly, Hitler's credentials for this acknowledgment are untouchable. The death count alone is unfathomable. 13 million people systematically executed in death and concentration camps (on an aside, it is unconscionable that so many people, especially Jews, think only of the 6 million Jews, not the 7 million homose xuals, Roma, ethnics and Nazi political opponents who also died in the camps) and unknown tens of millions more dead on the battlefields of Europe. Hitler, unlike many people who have been nominated for Person of the Century, did not invent the tool with which he shaped the world.

    Salk discovered the cure for polio, Wilbur and Orville invented the airplane - instead, Hitler mastered the device of nationalism. More deadly than the plague, HIV and malaria combined, nationalism has been the driving force behind the industrialized death and destruction that has blanketed our planet in the last 150 years. Like the expert machinist or farmer, Hitler knew how to make his tool efficient and highly productive.

    Lest we ignore Yitzhak Rabin's memory, let us look at the man atop the polls. True, he made important progress in Arab-Israeli relations, but he did not do it alone, Yasser Arafat was just as important every step of the way. And while the peace accords negotiated by Rabin may one day be regarded as the foundation for stability in the Middle East, there has been no significant change in the day-to-day life of Jerusalem. Arabs and Jews do not walk arm-in-arm in the spirit of peace and brotherly love. There are still stonings and shootings. But the world was changed from the Beer Halls and Berlin.

    Sparky, as my history prof. used to call Hitler, was not the first demagogue and, sadly, it doesn't appear that he will be the last. However no other man, save Jesus, has caused the world to re-evaluate itself so dramatically. And the early Christian movements took a few hundred years to really develop. For just one example, appeasement became a dirty word post-Hitler and it has colored American and British foreign policy since Neville Chamberlain was run out of office.

    And for what else do we owe our thanks to the man behind the mustache? If there were no Hitler, then there'd be no A-bomb, no Cold War (or maybe a worse one), no European Union, no Man on the Moon, no Israel, no liberation from colonial powers, no CIA, no United Nations, no BMWs, no Bob Hope, no Gulf War, no jet airplanes, no Women's Lib, no radar, no Guernica.

    I'll qualify that. Some of these things may have happened, maybe later, maybe not exactly the same, but Hitler had a rather direct impact on these things or events that preceded them. There have been others this century, but no person could match Adolf Hitler's effect on history. Let us never forget the evil, the destruction that Nationalism has wrought, and let us vote Adolf Hitler as Time's Person of the Century.
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