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    Morning all,
    A run through the last few hundred posts on AMP reveals that an awful lot of "authorative" posters, stargazers, upsidedown cup and saucer interpreters, chartists etc. have emerged with egg on their faces.
    Moral of the story.....Be careful out there, do your own research, stick to a section of the market that you understand and's your money.

    If you are trying to save money by not using a regular broker, and a lot on this forum are self confessed elctronic traders, then you are relying on, amongst other things, sites like HC for information & "tips".

    God help you if it's your sole source of knowledge.

    By all means digest everything posted, but just like the human body/food scenario, a lot of it ends up as crap.
    You need a broker who specialises in your field of interest to bounce any ideas &/or startegies off that you may be implementing and also to get the latest updates from as soon as they occur.....this can be critical.....and it's nice to know that if anything untoward or exciting is happening you will get a call.

    Anyhow, that's my two bob's worth......and now back to my playground, the penny dreadful end of the resource sector, where overnight there have been some pleasing movements in the price of Ag & Au.

    Good luck to all AMP holders, hope it all pans out well for you.

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