Hiremii Limited IPO (Sandton Capital)

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    Anyone participating in this one?

    $6million IPO: Seeking to raise 30 million shares at 20 cents

    Business Summary:

    Hiremii is an all-in-one recruitment, onboarding and payroll platform, reducing clients' admin, costs and risk.
    • Unique, proprietary & technology driven with AI and machine learning capabilities
    • Large target market of over $40B in Australia alone, strong trend towards contracting instead of full-time employment
    • Strong growth
      • Delivered 620% growth in revenue to $6.2M in FY20
      • Strong contracted client list with significant opportunity to grow in addition to solid pipeline
    • PWC Master Service Agreement and Align Program Member
    • Tier 1 clients including UGL, PWC and others
    • Experienced board including David Buckingham and Alison Gaines
    • Attractive valuation: EV/FY20 Revenue = 1.24x
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