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hilldweller...... please read

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    Good Evening,

    Logged off at 4 pm sharp today and look what happens.Everybody and their dog joins in about EMS.

    After going through all the posts it is still the same old same old.

    Dissapointed to see that RAMPING SPANKER m.m.e is back.Was hoping he fell off his NEW BMX bike.Tricky things those two wheel bikes without the training wheels.LOL. At least you do not need a licence.

    Chart shows a downturn for 2 days and last Monday may have been a blip on the screen for a stock that is still trending down.Like all of us who own EMS I would love to see this stock head back over 50 cps.

    If there are contracts in the wind then this is a well kept secret.The fact that is below the 50 cps puzzles me.The million shares given to MIA are being eroded.Every time she drops one cent then MIA drop a cool $10,000

    It seems that a few of you are ready to top up again.If I don't see at least 300k to 400k go through by 10.10 am tomorrow I will know you ar all full of...well you know what I am thinking....all talk.


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