hilary conceeds,bullish for us$

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    Senator Hilary was on Meet The Depressed yesterday and conceeded that the Iraqi insurrection has failed, could not shut down one polling station during the recent election. The Iraqis have about 45 battalions up and running, some 35 are more than 75% manned. Another 15,000 irregulars have banded together to protect towns and villages to drive out the terrorists.

    Cease fire talks are rumored between the Iraqi Government and Saddam loyalists who have suffered large numbers of killed and captured and are running down their supplies. U.S. combat casulaties are down about 75% from their pre-election high.

    This thing will "wind down" faster that the mainstream press is indicating. Even Syria is talking of pulling out of Lebanon (might be bluff). Bush is on a roll. Look for US$ to strengthen and war premium in oil to drop.
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