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high ech sits behind high seas drama

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    Info from around the world....

    When environmental protestors boarded a Japanese whaling ship in the Southern Ocean, images of the action quickly flashed on the world's TV sets, followed by photos from the Japanese ship after the protestors were taken into custody. Getting these images out is crucial if either side is to win the global PR battle, but doing so can be problematic when you're at sea, thousands of kilometers from the nearest cell phone network or broadband connection.....

    ...read on @...http://computerworld.com.sg/ShowPage.aspx?pagetype=2&articleid=7402&pubid=3&tab=Home&issueid=123

    Also another report worth reading (if you can afford it? ..LOL)

    The CCTV industry is predicted to experience a complete conversion from analog to digital technology by 2010, with the more developed economies in Asia North-East Asia (Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) and in Australia/New Zealand becoming fully converted by 2008. Digital video surveillance is a high-growth niche within the overall surveillance market at 55% CAGR between 2003 and 2007. Between 2003 and 2007 the market will grow from ca. $1.3bn to ca. $7.4bn globally as a result of heightened security awareness, ROI benefits of digital and IP solutions and technology maturity / replacements.

    Exract from ...http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=10960

    New network video servers tout intelligence, multitasking capabilites

    Industry experts predict that network video servers will become the core of tomorrow’s digital surveillance systems. They will be heralded as all-in-one devices offering almost all required functions, except image capture and surveillance. While some suppliers regard video servers as mere transitional devices, as surveillance systems go digital, market analysts are making rosy growth forecasts for the product line. According to Gartner, video-server sales worldwide have been growing 23 percent annually.


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