Hidden oilers to get set for

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    Ok, Chinguetti, Huinga and Hovea are hot at the moment .. a but late and risky to get set for these but how about upcoming sexy plays which should excite the market.

    Here's my picks

    (1) PPP - TL1/TL7 drilling program, these are already moving north on 2 confirmed wells on barrow trend. Drilling starts 4th/1st qrt.

    (2) FAR,FAROA,SUR,SURAO,VPE - Argos. Spuds 4th November targeting small but should be economic target next door to legendre field.

    (3) VOY,VPE - Jingemia. Hovea look-alike but on smaller fault, could excite. Spud soon.

    (4) NWE,VOY - Monangie. 200MMBLSOIIP target similar to cliffhead trend

    (5) VOY,BUY,NWE,AWE,ROC - Cliffhead program. 3-5 wells going down early next year chasing 100MMBLS recoverable oil.
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