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Hi Stoff---off subject Redback Mining

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    Hi Bonkers,
    Sold my CAT shares again today after buying in below $4.00 and bought PWR at 0.155. May be a touch early from a charting perspective but if any stock is oversold this one is. Look at what happened with DTL and both companies have consistant profits and conservative balance sheets - even if the industry is on the nose and there is an ING overhang.
    Thanks for your ongoing efforts (not that I agree with all your analysis) and I hope you continue to ignore the personal abuse.
    People who make money in shares don't invest their emotional energy in it and certainly do their own research before buying anything. Blaming others will only lead to more mistakes.
    The only valuable aspect of these forums is analysis so can we please leave the abuse out of it?
    Good to hear from you hope you and your family are well--the basic idea is to use the BB just to record facts and then give opinion where stated---with that utilising all three bb's Ozestock Hotcopper and S/H--conferring with others. Works really well.
    Anyway sadly (you are such a lovely person) probably won't hear from you for another 6 months till then all the best.
    All my love, Stoff-----BK.
    bullboard121 (ID#: 407073) charting stuff just done--from 19.5 using 15 base 9/5/02 12:27:20 PM 5143532
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    High 19.5 low 15 4.5 x 45% 2.025 19.5 minus 2.025 equals 17.525.
    19.5 minus 15 equals 4.5 x 61.8% equals 2.781 19.5 minus 2.781 equals 16.881
    PWR Description: POWERLAN LIMITED ORDINARY Market Status: Normal Time: 09/05/2002 - 11:46:03
    Last Change In Value Change In Percent
    0.1650 0 0
    High Low Opened Closed Trades Volume Traded All Ordinaries
    0.1750 0.1650 0.1750 0.1650 119 3,037,216 11:46:03 3,288.6999 0.0395%
    CBA's average price paid 12.5--(4 for 1 stock split.)(ie 50c divided by 4)
    Gann levels are 15.2 16.5 17.44 lowbollinger 13.6
    NSW Premier Bob Carr9.30am onTuesday 28 MayCebit - bullboard121 - 7/5/02 10:27:19 PM
    Exhibitors at CeBIT 2002 PWR May 28th - bullboard121 - 7/5/02 10:23:18 PM
    PDF File Delloite Fast 50 survey Clarity.
    Resistance -- the point where sellers are likely to emerge -- is at 1,700 for the Nasdaq,10,200 for the Dow and 1,100 for the S&P, according to research firm The levels are key elements of technical analysis, which studies prices, volume and charts.
    Support -- where buyers are expected to swoop in -- is at 1,620 for the Nasdaq, 9,900 for the Dow and 1,065 for the S&P.
    8/5/2002--U.S. Time.
    DJIA 10,141.83 +305.28 NASDAQ 1,696.29 +122.47 S&P 500 1,088.84 +39.35
    Off subject >>>>>>>Redback Mining. - bullboard121 - 8/5/02 8:59:47 PM
    bullboard121 (ID#: 407073) 24.5 25---28-Redback.-investment/trading/opinion 2/5/02 2:33:44 PM 5117859
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    I't well supported around the place emtn area which is 25c---it did go back to 24.5---at the time of writing it is also in the right sector for bullishness--the lows are higher than the previous lows--and I have various research on the thread stating in different peoples view it's not worth less than 50 to 55c---and ofcourse could even do better than that---then add a potential takeover bid by Resolute---then add one of the cheapest gold producers in Australia.
    Then add a quality management.
    Speculative--looks good in my view.
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