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hi sentia

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    Wheee some activity in NEO forum.
    I have taken your advice and reconsidered my "with the addition of"... statement.
    FACT IS if you really want I could find at least 20 occasions since JH1 "struck oil", when any NEO out of the loop "investor" would have been better off taking a hit and pulling out.
    It is not me that has the magic glasses. Yes NEO might have some cash flow but how much of it are YOU gonna get?
    Hey you can blow your doh however you please. But I feel like Sentia that you have encouraged naive or ignorant newbies into putting faith in a hopeless case.
    NEO has continuously miss led, lied to, and blatantly ripped off shareholders, and probably site contractors, which is why they continuously have problems attracting quality drill crews, even though they hold some quality tenements.
    Still I wish you well.
    Cheers J
    PS I still hold some NEO. Not worth selling. Who knows...If NEO turns into a 20 bagger might get back to zero! :-)
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