HDR hardman resources limited

hi sailorgirl .....

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    Hi sailorgirl,

    I hope you dont mind me lifting your email address off the hotcopper forum but i read your posts regularly and i am particularly interested in yout comments on HDR.
    I bought these last year on the insistence of my broker at 76 cents.It has aged me considerably watching them fall to 40 cents but i have held tight.
    Do you believe that they will show me a profit(or atleast break even) at some stage in the near future.I look forward to your thoughts.
    Anyway,i appreciate any coments you have to offer on HDR or any other stocks.

    all the best,


    Hi Nickyjames ....
    I'm in love with Mr. Hardman ...
    I fell in love at 18c in early 1990 and have kept fallin' for Mr. Hardman since.
    This company is sitting on billions of barrels of proven and yet to be proven oil.
    The obvious first play is West Africa.
    And if WDL go to $20 on the development of Mauritania, then .... HDR gotta be worth $5-$7.00.
    And that's just the start.
    You just gotta be patient.
    Put your shares in the bottom drawer for a couple of years.
    And when you open it …. $5-$7.00.
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