Hi I'm a Hotcopper Kaz MYO ego maniac short term t

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    Hi when MYO was tanking it---I had a go at bottom picking and was 10c out---I closed the trae out---and limited my losses----if you put all of your life savings into MYO at the exact point I sold ten cents up from the bottom--several months ago--you'd be a millionaire today----Hi I'm on the Kaz thread now crowing at other peoples misfortunes---who may have bought higher-I'm a Hotcopper ego maniac short term trader--I tell people all about my winners but not my losses---everyone knows I got Kaz at the bottom---but no one knows how much money I lost trying to to get the bottom on Kaz---(I'm not telling anyone that) I'm aged 19 with pimples--it doesn't occur to me that conceivably someone could put their whole life savings into Kaz right now and take a 7 to 8 year view--and become a millionaire-----my only concept of time is 3 days.
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