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    I thought I would just let you know that our latest  addition to the PC hierarchy, ex army chief David Morrison, has deemed that the well known word  'guy' is now verboten. So, according to this lackey of the PC Left, you had better wash your mouth or he, and his band of PC cohorts, will wash it for you. It's not a word that I commonly use, but who is he to tell me what words we can or cannot use, or has this idea emanated for the wobbled brain of the person who wrote his speech From today's Financial Review (no less):

    by Rachel Nickless

    'Australian of the Year David Morrison wants you to stop saying "guys" to groups of men and women at work, as part of a his new battle against words that exclude minority groups.

    "All sorts of people cop it; old labels that don't do justice to who we are today," Morrison says in a Diversity Council of Australia video, launched on June 1, as part of the DCA's #Words At Work campaign."

    Maybe it's just another speech written by the same person who wrote his Australia Day Speech;  Catherine McGregor, which begs the question of how can a person rise to the rank of Lieutenant General, and not be capable of writing his own speech.

    Read more: http://www.copyright link/leadership/workplace/ex-army-chief-david-morrison-launches-a-war-on-damaging-words-and-saying-guys-20160511-gosjck#ixzz4AHiUofO9
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