hi from singapore

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    Hi guys.
    SArs seems to be under control now, relatively speaking. PLanes and hotels are almost empty. No new sars cases breaking out.I bought a mask, but havent used it. I have cancelled my trip to Tiawan tho. Things are much worse there.They are refusing to allow people from Sing to depart there.

    Singapore is a lovely place. very friendly and safe. High income earners pay 18% tax.Theres no dole, no medicare and no pension, (except for the manditory employer funded super). If you rob a 711 you get 7-9 years in jail and 7-9 lashes with the rattan. we could use that to keep our naughty HC posters in line. They banned guns long before we did, and if you get caught carrying a knife, you get the death penalty. They could use that in Lakemba. Needless to say, theres no crime at all. I feel safer here at night, than I do at home in Surfers Paradise.

    I only get cnn abd cnbc news. All they talk about is the hang sen markets, and the US markets. The aussie drug recall did make the news here tho.I have no idea where the xjo has been all week. not holding any positions, so it doesnt matter.

    went to the zoo yesterday, and let a 30ft python wrap itself around me. It was as thick as my thigh!

    Alcahol is taxed out of existence for locals. A slab of local beer is worth $68 and a bottle of wine that I would get for $15, is $65-75. Wages are almost the same, and Sing$1 = AU$1.10.

    Hope all my friends are having fun trading the markets and making some money.My wife is spending all my money on shoes and clothes while I do business appointments. I only get a few minutes a day to access the net, so I probably wont see any replies for a while.I might still be on for 10-15mins today, who knows.

    happy trades.
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