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hhl selling

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    I take your point that someone is selling and its most likely HHL...On the 22nd of August HHL held 9 million shares....lets say they started selling on the 27th,there has been 21 million shares traded since that date....and from the 26th 33 million shares traded.

    There was heavy selling when it hit its high of 53 to a low of 45 and eventually closing at 47 on the 27th.Lets say roughly 20% of the volume was them selling thats 3 million shares.

    Today again the selling was relentless and i put a rough estimate of 30% of todays volume down to them which would be say 1.5 million shares.If you watched the trading today you most likely could contribute 45% of the volume to

    Well i know its only guess work but i`d say they have atleast sold half there holdings to this point,,atleast....And thats not taking into account if they were selling on the 26th when 12 million shares were could be more then 50% of there shares have gone already.

    I don`t really know just throwing some bulls#it around nothing to do..
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