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    10 April 2003

    By Barry Chamish

    It is Poland 1938 in Australia 2003. The Jews are blind and deluded. Burying heads in sand is preferable to facing the bitter truth and reacting accordingly.

    I have just finished a month long, 16 lecture tour of Australia and Hong Kong. My audiences were divided among:


    Christians - Of a type that cares about Israel for prophetic reasons and are reaching for their Hebrew roots.

    Left/New Age - I wrote a book called Return Of The Giants which I keep entirely separate from my political readers. Two reasons: the publisher cheated me. I have not seen one sales report or check and I gain nothing by promoting the book. Second; the subject is too weird for my political audience and my enemies use it against me when nothing else works. The book concerns a bizarre series of incidents in Kadima, near Netanya, between March and July 1993, when numerous women witnessed either apparations or realties of giants. The incident is well known in Israel.

    My first lecture is in Brisbane to the latter crowd. It is brilliantly organized by Glennys Mackay, who arranges a half hour interview on the city's most popular talk radio show the evening before. The publicity helped bring a handsome crowd to the lecture hall.

    Helping us all the way is Diane Harrison, editor of Hard Evidence, a good looking magazine about deep hidden politics. Unfortunately, it is badly misinformed about Israel, taking the usual far left line that the PLO are the good guys in our never-ending conflict.

    When I finish the Giants speech, I go for the jugular, "I've been here just two days, but I've heard more wrongheaded nonsense about Israel than I've read in a year anywhere else. Then I dive into the New World Order and explain that the British created both Bolshevik Zionism and Palestinian nationalism deliberately to foment chaos. The crowd is receptive and the speech goes on over five hours, with lots of books sold to boot.

    Left wing or New Age, this is one sophisticated crowd. A triumphant start.

    Next morning Ilana Levy picks me up for two speeches. This is the visionary who inspired the tour. An attractive and classy lady, Ilana was once the Australian director of a large Jewish/Israel fund. The first speech she organized was to a group of Israel-loving Christians in Brisbane. It's a full house and everyone, as always, understood the Rabin evidence. Yet once again, it is NWO that people are most curious about. Again, five hours later, the lecture is over with us running out of our stock of my new book Save Israel by the end.

    I've done a left/New Age and Christian audience. Two big successes in a row. Now I'm to face my first Jewish crowd, in Gold Coast. We enter the hotel lecture hall Ilana has booked and are immediately informed by the first arrivals that the speech was partly sabotaged. Posters were torn down in one synagogue and the rabbi reneged on his promise to announce the lecture at his Shabbat services.

    The hall is only half full but many of the community's Jewish leaders do show up. They are given the Rabin murder evidence and, like everyone, understand it's true. Then come questions. A woman local leader asks, "Let's say it's true. With all of Israel's troubles, do we need to bring this out?"

    I answer, "Madam, truth is good and a lie is bad. If our people hope to survive, we cannot live with this lie. We are strong enough to get the facts out and let the pieces fall where they may. What exactly are we preserving by hiding the truth: the wonderful situation we have in Israel where 900 people have been blown to pieces in the last 22 months and thousands more mutilated. This is the status quo you want to continue?"

    The lecture ends and the Australian Jewish leaders stay huddled near the entrance to discuss strategy. I meet none. Instead, it was the Israelis and Christians in the audience who wanted to meet me to learn more.

    And more of the same after. We gather for drinks at the hotel bar. I have, in the past, been published by the successful Australian magazine Nexus. The bartender knows my writing and he gives me a poster he has created. Naturally, it was suffused with New Age imagery.

    I am now merely confused by the indigenous Jews. The Christians, the Left and New Agers have welcomed me with open arms. The Jews are suspicious and underneath, hostile...except the Israelis.

    The next lecture was organized by an ex-Israeli who for years has been sending Jeff Rense the most anti-Israel articles he could collect. I present my evidence to the toughest crowds trying to reach as broad an audience as wants to hear me. Unfortunately this organizer turns out to be a madman who cancels me at the last possible moment.

    Now I'm stuck without shelter and an unwanted gap in my schedule. Ilana arranges that I stay with an ex-Israeli and his wife, a Christian. I like them both but especially admire the lady who is raising a complicated foster-daughter with great wisdom.

    Then, just an hour before I fly to Melbourne, the ex-Israeli proselytizes me hard. There is nothing so destructive to the alliance of Christians and Jews fighting for Israel's preservation than this one-sided desire to change the other's faith. After pitching me hard to take Jesus into my heart, I said, "How would you like it if I tried to persuade you to abandon Jesus?" He missed the point entirely.

    By this point, I was getting totally discouraged with touring. Here I am a middle-aged man, shlepping heavy books from airport to airport, staying with new people each night, trying to please everyone and be all things to all hosts. It is impossible not to make mistakes over a month. On top of that, I am now paying internal airfares and I'm running out of my first revenues.

    But my spirits are raised by my Melbourne lecture, organized by the affable George Simpson. Once again we start giants and talk NWO til 2 AM. It looks like I'm back on track. My mood is good and I look forward to similar successes coming up.

    Nexus editor Duncan Roads gives me a call. He is very complimentary about my work. He asks me what I think is really going on in Iraq. I took a chance and expounded on my thinking, still in its rudimentary stage.

    "It's not about oil, " I answered. "Way too much trouble for that. And Saddam Hussein is one of a hundred butchers in charge of countries all over the world. Why him? I think you have to look at Babylon. It is the Babylon mystery religions of 5000 years ago which are the spiritual essence of the illuminati and of Freemasonry. Saddam was building palaces on the ancient Babylonian spiritual centers and declaring he was the new Nebuchadnezzar. That had to be stopped.

    "Those Babylonian Lucifer cults would have spread over the planet and evil would have been our moral base if it wasn't for Jerusalem and monotheism winning the battle. When they're finished with Iraq, Blair/Bush are going to deal with Jerusalem. This time, Jerusalem will be taken from the Jews and turned into a global Babylonian spiritual center."

    Duncan hasn't heard this line of thinking and I decide to try it out in Adelaide.

    My hosts there are a spirited couple, Trevor and Gillyan Norman. She was a BBC/Sunday Times reporter in Central America who discovered Christianity and NWO. She has organized a filmed debate between me, a pro-Israel Christian preacher and a Palestinian lecturer at the local university, Dr.Bassam Dally.

    There is a nice crowd of 150 for the debate, including what must have been a good chunk of the city's Israeli residents. I met them outside before the filming began and they expressed their misgivings about me representing the Israeli side. When it was over, the Australian Jews walked out without saying a word to me while all the Israelis gathered around to congratulate and even hug me. Half of them came to my second lecture the next day.

    I began my opening statement with an attempt at reconciliation. I explained that the British created both Bolshevik Zionism and Palestinian nationalism, then set us up to murder each other. I concluded that we could find common ground if we understood the historical background of our conflict.

    Dally rejected my thinking as "conspiracy theories" and spouted out the usual crapola about Israel's occupation of "his" land and went to the unexpected length of insisting Hamas and Hizbullah were peaceful groups.

    That did it, I went for the jugular.

    "You just said Palestine was your ancient home. If it's so ancient, name the leader of Palestine before Arafat?"

    He had no answer because there is no answer. There never was a nation of Palestine and I proved it point after point. But there sure is an ancient nation of Israel and it's our historical birthright.

    Dally switched the conversation revealing that he is a Christian and that Christians are fleeing the region because Israel makes Jerusalem residents renew their residence papers every two years.

    I corrected him with vigor, pointing out that Bethelehem's Christian population has nearly all disappeared since the PLO took over the city and drove them out through fear, rape, extortion and violence. He denied the PLO is anti-Christian. I reminded him of the tens of thousands of Maronite Christians butchered by the PLO in Lebanon. He still denied the Palestinian Authority is a threat to his people.

    Dr. Dally was totally deluded in precisely the same way Australian Jews were. No amount of entirely objective reality could make him see that he was supporting his very worst enemy. He was trained to blame Israel for anything, everything and all things in between and facts meant nothing to him.

    The question period was of great interest. The Israelis stood up with pride for once and continued my piercing of Dr. Dally. But the Arabs were at a loss about how to react. One lady from Nazareth said, "How dare you judge me!"

    That did it again.

    "Madam," I replied. "Your people strap belts on their teenagers and send them to blow up my people in cafes, buses and supermarkets. I'll judge you all I want."

    By the end I felt jubilant and so did the other Israelis. The film was high drama and maybe the first time an Israeli has properly stood up for his people ever captured on videotape.

    If you want to see this debate in all its glory write Gillyan Norman at [email protected] She should be selling the tapes by now.

    So guess what happened? The next day the Adelaide Jewish Community leader, one Mr. Zeuss, send Gillyan an e-mail objecting to my rude and aggressive manner. To which I thought, he'll take his damn Australian manners to the boxcar just like his relatives did in Warsaw sixty years ago.

    And Gillyan seemed to take his side, saying that her objective was to discuss the issues with compassion. I reply, had Dr. Dally shown one ounce of compassion for our losses, I would have for his. He was dismissive and hurtful in his quiet way of our pain and got the full painful truth in return.

    I would be remiss if I didn't point out one phenomenon. A significant group of Arabs spoke to me after the lecture. One noted that the Koran does not demand Moslem control over Jerusalem, another quoted Edward Said and called me an orientalist. Another said the rules of 2000 years ago don't apply anymore. The point is they were there and the Adelaide Jews were long gone to the imaginary security of their spacious homes in the suburbs.

    The next day, a Christian home group with a group of Israelis joining in. I began with Rabin, as I must to establish evidentiary credibility for my NWO research. This time I tried my Babylon thinking and it struck home. Not just struck home, I left with one book and one video about just this Babylon thinking. I am not original in this idea. But now I had the data to delve into my theory, turning slowly it, if worthy, into thesis. The results will be sent out in an upcoming report.

    Another day, another airport. My mood about Australia's Jews was souring, my respect for Christians and the Left was growing. I step into the Virgin Airline plane and see the sparkling interior design, the roomy leatherette seats, the smiling service and then I compare it to the overheated, dusty, smelly planes of El Al with their rude and reluctant service and I wonder if we can do anything right.

    The answer comes in Perth. My wonderful hostess Grace Heller has organized a Rabin meeting with all her considerable powers. Ten members of the Perth Jewish community showed up. A thousand went to hear Ehud Barak the next night.

    But I had a good night too. Mary Rodwell had organized a packed lecture hall at Murdoch University for the Giants cum NWO speech. The crowd consisted largely of scholars and the MC, a professor of the Chinese Language, gave the wittiest intro I've ever enjoyed. I tried the Babylon is Iraq idea and it was comprehended without hesitation. The enthusiasm and applause overwhelmed me. Every book was sold. And I could be myself on stage; Israeli, gruff, charming and brutally honest; or what Australian Jews considered ill-mannered.

    Another plane. I arrived in Sydney at 7:15, my lecture began at 8. I unpacked at the venue, yes a Mason's Hall, and began Giants ending NWO. My Sydney Giants organizers were Doug Moffett and Peter Khoury, who was a most ironic choice. He is a Maronite Lebanese whose family was forced to flee Lebanon by PLO massacres. I wish Dr. Dally had met him before our debate.

    I now had two big worries. One was my upcoming lecture at the Central Synagogue in Bondi. The other was Hong Kong and SARS. I was scheduled to speak there after Sydney and was receiving lots of advice to cancel. So I phoned El Al to see if it was possible. The conversation went as follows:

    "I'd like to know if it's possible to reroute my return flight so I miss Hong Kong."

    "I'm sorry. I can't help you. You are flying out of Australia on Qantas and have to ask them."

    "All I want to know is if you fly out of somewhere else, Bangkok or India maybe, on the third. I'll rearrange my Qantas ticket if you do."

    "You aren't registered on El Al paper, so I can't tell you."

    "But you know, don't you."

    "It doesn't matter. I can't help you even if I knew."

    So I bought a bag of surgical masks and flew to Hong Kong in the midst of an epidemic. But before then I met the Jews of Sydney. The first was my marvelous host Yisroel Vogel who wasted no time telling me that he was worried, the posters he put up at various synagogues were torn down.

    Here we go again.

    Then the Australian Jewish News assigned a reporter to me, one Allon Lee. Our first phone conversation went:

    "I'll be free for an interview after my lecture."
    "I'm not coming to it."
    "Why not?"
    "I like my weekends free."

    We will return to Allon but first the Sydney Synagogue. A hundred people showed, were as convinced as all crowds and bought lots of books. It worked. And like in Israel a witness stood up and said, "My friend runs a lab at a Jerusalem Hospital. He saw Rabin's x-rays. He said you're right. There was a shot to the front. He saw them just before the x-rays were destroyed."

    The lecture was so well-received it led to two more, the first at the local Yeshiva Center in front of a Hebrew-speaking crowd, the next at Chabad House to a mostly Russian immigrant audience. Wouldn't you know it, no second lecture invite from the Australian-born Jews.

    At the Russian lecture, a nurse told me, "There wasn't any of Rabin's blood type at the hospital that night. We looked for twenty minutes and there wasn't a pint anywhere. That never happens. We ended up giving him neutral blood."

    Allon meets me for his interview. I have all the Rabin documents at the ready. He doesn't want to see them. He goes straight for Return Of The Giants. I saw the setup for what it was and asked him to leave. He assured me he was not planning to write a snowjob. I knew it wasn't true but carried on. My prediction: no matter how he smears me, paints me as a fanatic and dismisses my work without reading it, his paper will reject it. Australian Jewry haven't the guts to expose truth about Israel in any dose or form. I have lectured now on every continent but Antarctica and have never seen such a pathetically dishonest Jewish community like this one. Not even close.

    Yet I met the exceptions even in the media. Ian was the next reporter to interview me. I will not give his last name because he has sold to his piece to a major newspaper and I don't want him sabotaged, a very real possibility, by the Australian Jewish leadership.

    His style is different. He warns me about the Australian Jewish News and the amateur writers stuck working there for peanuts. He is serious he assures me. He proves it by actually showing up for my third and last Sydney lecture.

    Upon my return, he wrote me:

    Good news is I have sold this article to the ...; a major feature (4000 words) on you and the peace process and the assasination.

    The bad news is you have not made many firends here, (not including myself). I spoke to Alon, ......... ...............................(THIS IS CONFIDENTIAL). Then he said something very interesting. That as a Jew, I should be careful what I write about and consider how it could affect the Australian's opinion on Jews and israel. I told him that those things do not concern me, as long as I am writting in a fair and balanced way. He was not impressed, and told me to make sure I remained a responsible journalist--and also refused to make an on-the-record statment about you.

    I also spoke to Jeremy Jones, ( a big macha in the jewish community) who also said most people who heard you did not take you seriously, and refused to make any other comment than that. This is exactly the kind of behaviour that fuels conspiracy theorists, I told Jeremy, to which he replied 'no comment', and hung up. Boy, talk about paranoid Jews.

    I myself do not know whether you are right or wrong, and state that in my article. But I will also say that I wouldn't put it past the Israeli gov, and that the questions you have raised need to be answered, not ignored.

    I finished Sydney the way I wanted to. Three well attended lectures. A Jewish bookstore, Gold's, agreeing to sell the few remaining books.

    And the Jewish leadership were well aware of my passing and trying with all their powers of self-interested cowardice to ignore it. I planted my seed hard in Australia and it will grow. Too many people witnessed the Rabin truth and it will never go away. Ilana Levy's vision of bringing me to Australia will be realized, even if Australian Jews are the last in the universe to wake up.

    Though public gatherings are being cancelled out of fear, 60 brave souls packed a lecture hall at Hong Kong University to hear me. All were wearing surgical masks. I began my speech, "I am indeed honored to present my findings to such a distinguished group of surgeons."

    No one got it. But when we went into NWO and SARS, I broke through. I had spent two days in the midst of an epidemic and had figured out a few things about this disease. For one thing, 99% of the cases were confined to one apartment and one medical complex. There is only one way to infect a building; you plant the bug in the air-conditioning system. That's how it was done when Legionaire's Disease was planted in a Philadelphia hotel over two decades ago. SARS is a not so distant relative of that covert experiment in biological warfare.

    I expanded on my thoughts in an interview for Hong Kong's largest circulation newspaper the next day:

    "SARS is a message to China. The timing leads to two possible conclusions: it's about Iraq or North Korea. China is standing in the way of the planetary takeover and probably stated that it would intervene in any attack on North Korea. SARS is a warning that the next bug will be a lot more deadly. This disease is a lot cheaper than a war with China. And a few of China's rulers got the message even if their people haven't yet."

    Back to Israel and I was discouraged. Australia's Jews are in a depressing state. Hong Kong was in a state of biological terror. Bush/Blair had their Babylon and Jerusalem is now in their sights. On top of that, Australia is too expensive to tour and what I had to show for all the work was a long expense-paid adventure. Could anything make my disposition cheerier?

    I tried my luck opening my long-neglected e-mail. The first letter informs me that the Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv was unanimously acquitted by a Jerusalem court. It's final then; Israel is incapable of being honest. Period.

    Several letters later is an utterly ignorant editorial in the Jerusalem Post praising the court's decision by an editor, dumb as a doorknob, who had previously admitted in his column that he doesn't know Hebrew very well.

    It looks grim indeed. My faith in my people is dwindling. Nothing can save it.

    Yet something did. After almost eight years of trying to expose my fellow Israelis to the plots against them and what really happened to Rabin, a huge crack appeared in the wall of coverup. Last month, a gutsy Israeli named Michael designed a website for me, and an equally brave web publisher named Eric cleared space for it. Last week it was reviewed by the country's most popular newspaper, Yediot Ahronot. Here is the e-mail which altered my spirits:

    Hi Barry

    Your new website got a terrific (positive !) writeup in today's YEDIOT (Internet column in the financial section of the newspaper). "YESH BO HASHPA'A MAMASHIT AL MI SHE'EINO SAFKAN MASPIK, SHE'CHEN HU MARSHIM, BANUI U'MEU'TZAV B'MIKTZOIYUT RABBAH, V'YESH BO T'CHANIM, BA'HEM TZILUMEI MISMACHIM RABBIM, HA'TOMCHIM LICH'ORA B'TAANOT M'PEI'LAV. Take care Josh

    Or in English:

    "Within is a real influence on those who are not skeptical enough. This is a remarkable site, highly professional and there is ample documentary evidence to prove its shocking conclusions."

    Hebrew readers, the site is http://chamish.tsedek.com

    This is the first time Yediot Ahronot has ever had a nice word to write about me. After eight years of total alienation from the mainstream who reads Yediot, and the kind of loneliness which goes hand in hand with my peculiar work, I received strong vindication from the conventional Israeli media.

    Not a bad reason to come home.


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