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    re: Hi there Dow--difficult to say safety/gain Cal Hi there Dow it is difficult to say for sectors can rotate quite quickly and what is in one moment can be out the next----for safety and gain (and people--always talk about reward--many times on BB's---buy through the "college of hard knocks" I regrd the preservation of capital as more importatnt than making it----basically Caltex is trading at 0.52 (approx) book value--if they restore the dividend (or even improve it's financial performance by August---you can then value at around 2.20--the downside in my view is pretty limited (famous last words--LOL) (Caltex can be ugly at times--LOL)
    Although Mayne has already risen I still like momentum to 5.00 dollars (over time)---at it's lowest point a few weeks back it was trading at 1.14 times book value--so for safety and gain--it is a beauty.
    In the tech sector---I like Powerlan and Kaz--once the selling pressure on them is relieved by ING--approx 2 weeks--in PWRS case---as speculative investments---or as a short term trade--when they pop up on the day.
    Even after they pop up--they will still be in a bearish sector---so they will be slow moving, and subject to speculative risk.
    I like ERG--on the chart as well as on improving fundamentals-the support points (as posted at Ozestock) are 30 31 32 33>>>a view ultimately in the short term trading sense towards August September when the company reports. (Same for PWR--also reports Aug/Sep.
    I like so many--I like Telecom New Zealand--only thing is that has already risen--Grant staes to be wary of Verizone--who have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the States--still understanding that factor--I can see Tel going to the placement area of 4.62 (depending on the currency exchange rate which floats on a daily basiis)--so it is currently 4.45---it still has another 20c--what happens when it gets to 4.62 (I don't know) (LOL)---but if you did value in a certain way---you can value much higher than 4.62 (depends on how you do it.) I like Computershare in the immediate extreme---over 7 to 8 years I like it as an investment---I ignore the jopurnos wityh the nonsense they write (all vested interest nonsense) (I'm sad it has held 1.81--for tome it would be even more of a screaming buy at a dollar--in the investment sense.)
    So many Dow--I like so many---I like NOL--it has already risen--I think one dollar in time.
    I like TAB on monetum--already risen--to the the testing area )Market Eye 3.40 to 3.50)---but as stated on momentum---not necessarily fundamentals---it is worth 2.60 on fundamentals--possibly 4 dollars on momentum.
    I like so many and am weary of leaving anything out--in the trading sense--I don't try and buy everything--for it is too hard to monitor--the max amount of trading stocks I have at any one time is 3--any more than three Ive found is just too hard to monitor.
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