PPD pan palladium ltd

hey all nkp watchers...look at this

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    PPD has more proved up resources (by over 2x!) and has large unexplored rights than NKP and is trading under NKP's market cap.

    furthermore, all NKP's ground is held in the 'east' and 'west' bushveld areas. these areas are deep mine operation areas meaning costs of extraction, should they prove commercial, will be high.

    PPD's tenements are located in the 'northern' bushveld zone whose geo characteristics allow for shallow open cut operations. therefore PPD's costs will be much less than other operators. (ie. PPRust is the lowest cost platinum miner in the world located just up the road from PPD's 'grass valley' project. grass valley is already in bank feasability.)

    do some research and you'll discover why robert friedland (probably the worlds most infamous mining speculator) so desperately wanted PPD fighting it all the way to the NSW courts.
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