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    AFL Wayne Carey in heroic water rescue by STAFF REPORTERS.

    Adelaide star Wayne Carey was being lauded tonight after reportedly risking his life to save a woman from almost certain drowning.

    Details of the rescue are sketchy because the modest Crow key position player has refused to comment to the media about his heroics, but it would appear that the former North skipper showed a complete lack of concern for is own safety as he dived fully clothed into a bubbling spa to drag the girl to safety.

    It is believed that Carey was attending a Bible class at Adelaide's Stamford Grand Hotel when he heard cries for help from the eighth floor of the hotel.

    "Wayne just charged into the room, tearing off his shoes, saying: 'I'm coming! I'm coming!'" said a witness. With fierce bubbles, poor visibility because of steam, and the thrashing limbs and moaning of the endangered girl, it is believed that it took Carey more than half an hour of grappling to rescue the girl, with the Crow star forced to administer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation repeatedly during the incident.

    "Thank God Wayne was there," a relative of the saved woman told The Bladder. "Who knows what might have happened if the burly, heroic Roo turned Crow hadn't been prepared to put his body on the line."

    Carey is believed to have later told friends that he only wished that there had been a vertical pole in the spa, so that the drowning girl could have clung to it, maybe sliding up and down, until he was able to reach her.
    He also wished that funky music had been playing, to stop her panicking.

    Carey has been typically humble about the whole incident, refusing to comment and asking that nobody tell his wife, Sally, because he wouldn't want to worry her that he might have been in danger.

    He also asked for a camera that apparently contained photos of the rescue, as he didn't want public acknowledgement of his bravery.
    Meanwhile, Crows officials have denied the entire incident ever happened.
    "Look, while it's true that we offered footy tickets and a free night in a bed and breakfast to a man in return for the camera that was taken from him, containing photos of Wayne in the spa, we completely deny that that camera exists or that Wayne was at the hotel or that there is a spa in the room or that there even was a girl or that we plan to play AFL football this year or that we're based in South Australia or that Wayne will be playing for the Crows this year or that we have anything to hide."

    The South Australian police have confirmed they are looking into the incident, with a view to presenting Carey with a Bravery Award.
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