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    Leading IT and Broadband products distributor Quadtel Limited
    (ASX:QTL), today announced that the company has signed an agreement
    for the acquisition of one of Australia's leading Voice and Data
    services company Intellink Pty Ltd, subject to final due diligence
    and warranty completion.

    The acquisition will provide the following benefits to Quadtel:

    * It will allow Quadtel to access Intellink's strong customer base
    and reseller partners. This access will enable further cross selling
    opportunities and broaden the existing distribution channel.

    * Intellink have an expert understanding of the voice market and
    combined with the knowledge QTL possess of the Data market, QTL will
    be able to take forward a unique Voice/Data offering and fulfil a
    number of vendor partners stated potential. The combined effect of
    Intellink's voice/data expertise and Quadtel's large distribution
    network, means the Company will be in a much stronger position to
    exploit the rapid growth in the emerging voice/data convergence

    * QTL will now be able to offer a Quality Endorsed technical support
    resource to our existing and future customers. QTL will immediately
    utilise this infrastructure for existing vendor product agreements
    and leverage it to attract new vendors and negotiate more favourable
    terms and conditions.

    * Intellink has proven skills the rapidly expanding broadband
    microwave market and has an increasing number of quality maintenance
    agreements in place with Government, Semi Government and major
    enterprise organisations. This provides Quadtel with a recurring
    revenue base and solid platform to build superior and sustainable
    results for shareholders.

    Intellink will turn over in excess of $5 million dollars in the
    2002/03 financial year with significant growth expected over the
    coming years. EBIT is forecast at 8-9%, and is expected to improve
    year on year with savings from synergies between the two

    Quadtel believe that Intellink will supplement the existing
    distribution business by offering a services arm to the group. The
    wealth of expertise in the two organisations will provide a powerful
    force in the emerging and lucrative broadband telecommunications
    market. This coupled with the corporate expertise and management of
    Quadtel Limited sets the scene for a very dynamic and exciting

    "Going forward, QTL are always looking for alternative sales channels
    outside of the traditional areas. QTL believe that Intellink will
    provide QTL the infrastructure and immediate opportunities to ensure
    we are driving our products to their maximum potential. Intellink
    will deliver QTL a ready made SME channel which QTL will further
    expand over the coming years," said Rodney Orrock CEO of Quadtel

    Simon Hokin General Manager of Intellink said today the acquisition
    presented an enormous opportunity for Intellink to grow from its
    existing base. "Given the dominant position that Quadtel holds in the
    Broadband market and their strong relationships in retail it is an
    enormous opportunity for Intellink to grow from our existing base.
    QTL will provide direction, Vendor opportunities and more importantly
    a clearly defined structure for Intellink to teach its fall
    potential. We are all very excited at the opportunity being presented
    and look forward to the finalisation of contracts and becoming part
    of the Quadtel group of companies and what we believe is a very
    exciting corporate strategy."

    Quadtel have placed 11,250,000 shares at $0.04 to fund the
    acquisition through London Partners Pty Ltd.

    For Further Information contact:

    Denis Orrock - 8852 4600

    For move information visit www.quadtel.com or phone Quadtel's head
    office in Sydney on +61 2 8852 4600

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