here's real democracy at work!

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    Unlike the the sepps who have politicised the whole judicial administration and privitised every political one. Thus, the most important critirion of a Democracy, the Separation of powers in well and truly destroyed!
    Ukraine, a country which only a couple of months ago wouldn't know how to throw Putin's shackles off, now told him, in no uncertain terms where to go and shove his military power! (Makes Powel's little dummy spit an obsene act of the most blatant hypocricy!)

    Ukraine parliament declares disputed vote invalid.
    Ukraine's parliament has declared that a contested presidential run-off vote handing victory to Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich was invalid and failed to reflect the will of voters.
    The parliament has no legal authority to cancel election results but the vote carries political weight in a country badly split by last Sunday's poll.
    The chamber, holding an emergency session, failed to pass a motion in support of staging a rerun of the vote.
    Deputies could return to the motion before the session ends.
    Liberal challenger Viktor Yushchenko, who accuses Mr Yanukovich of stealing the election, demanded a new election on December 12 on Friday after talks with Mr Yanukovich and Western mediators to help end a political crisis in the former Soviet state.
    On Monday the Supreme Court will examine Mr Yushchenko's complaints of widespread poll irregularities.
    Hundreds of thousands of protesters in central and western Ukraine have taken to the streets to support Mr Yushchenko's calls to rerun the election.
    In eastern Ukraine, similar numbers have turned out to support Mr Yanukovich as their president.
    Ukraine's parliament also expressed no confidence in the Central Election Commission, saying it had failed to fulfil its duties under Ukraine's constitution and laws.
    It called on outgoing President Leonid Kuchma to appoint new members.

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