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    Canadian MP sacked over anti-US rant

    Canada's Prime Minister has ejected one his MPs from the party after she made insulting remarks about US President George W Bush and Americans.

    Carolyn Parrish has repeatedly and unapologetically attacked the Mr Bush.

    This week she appeared on a popular television program and insulted him and stomped on a Mr Bush action figure.

    She has called him "war-like" and an "idiot". She said Americans were all "bastards" for following him.

    She called those countries that joined the US in its war in Iraq a coalition of idiots.

    With George Bush expected to visit Ottawa at the end of the month, the pressure was on for Prime Minister Paul Martin to do something.

    "There are better, more civil and more effective ways to make your case than those she has chosen," he said.

    Ms Parrish will stay in Parliament, but will no longer be a member of the governing party.
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